Two39 Member Referral Competition


Two39 Work is excited to announce the Two39 Member Referral Competition. Introducing a brand new way you can be rewarded for referring friends or family to the workspace. Members will get the chance to earn up to $750 in cash prizes.


The competition will be based on points which you can accumulate through the many different options that we offer:

Private Office = 6 Referral Points

Dedicated Desk = 3 Referral Point

Hot Desk = 2 Referral Point

Virtual Membership = 1 Referral Point


Prizes will be awarded based on the total amount of points accumulated throughout the two month period. The starting reward for first and second place will start at $125 for first and $75 for second. These rewards can change depending on the results of every member combined. As seen below if every member is able to accumulate a combined 10, 20, or 30 total referral points the prize money will increase.

Starting Reward
10 Total Referral Points (Every Member)
20 Total Referral Points (Every Member)
30 Total Referral Points (Every Member)
1st - $125
2nd - $75
1st - $250
1st - $150
1st - $500
1st - $300
1st - $750
1st - $450

The Two39 Member Referral Competition will be taking place from June 22nd until August 1st.


Want to see where you are in the standings? There will be a live tracker that will be set up in the open space where you will be able to check the member's progress and see where you stand amongst your co-working friends.

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