Because of our members, TWO39WORK continues to grow and flourish into a dynamic community and workspace. Every month, we would like to highlight a member that makes a significant impact and contribution to our community.

For the month of October, we would like to highlight TWO39 WORK member, Matt.

Get to know Matt:

What do you do?

I help create marketing strategies for businesses to help them become more profitable through marketing.

What is your favorite part about helping people with their marketing strategy?

Teaching people how to do their marketing and helping them put it in place. The implementation is my favorite part. It's one thing to see someone grasp a concept on an intellectual level but it's another thing to see them walk in it and start applying it.

What brought you to TWO39 WORK?

Someone approached me in one of my networking groups and asked where I was working out of. I had said my house and he had said come on up and check it out up here and he took me up and walked me around the space. I had thought it was a sweet set up. It's probably super expensive but after talking with you guys and learning there was cold brew coffee on tap I was sold.

Outside of TWO39 WORK, what is your favorite local spot?

I am an intern at Grace Bible Church off of Pine Ridge road and 41. I spend a lot of my time there and I also teach a bible study class at FGCU with a few students from FGCU. Outside of that I love to do a lot of photography and explore some of the local parks around here. When it comes to food, I'm a bit of a foodie. There are two restaurants right now that are in my rotation here in Bonita. Marias which is a Taco spot off of old 41 and on Tuesdays they have dollar taco Tuesday. Fantastic! And then Buffalo chips is another old spot which is connected to an old motel on Old 41. I recently went there and had 40 wings! Not all by myself I split it with a few friends. But their wings are out of this world, probably the best wings I've ever had.

What is your favorite part about the Culture here at TWO39?

The culture here at TWO39, what stands out to me the most is that everybody is focused on being productive and getting work done but at the same time its a casual environment. So, I've actually learned a lot from just being in the kitchen from where I normally work out of, just talking to different people in the space when they come in and out and learning a lot of business but also just seeing how people are doing life. So even with all the COVID things going on right now to see people adapt and be flexible and then learn from other people. I had a conversation the other day with someone that taught me a whole bunch of Facebook advertising that I never even knew about. Everyone is just so helpful and wants to connect and see each other grow. So it’s just a great environment across the board.

What is your favorite color?

This might be a weird answer but my favorite color is white. Just straight white.

Any Fun Facts you wanna share about yourself or your company?

I used to have blonde tips in my hair for two years 18 and 19. There is evidence, I won't tell you where to find it though.

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